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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  March 2, 2014 8:00am-8:31am EST

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submit your video and enter today. >> hofstra college is already in one month to go. w york. >> have a great day, everybody. one month to go, the obamacare enrollment deadline closing in and still a majority of the uninsured want no part of it. another 6 million americans losing their coverage because of it. but to hear senate majority leader harry reid tell it, there is nothing do it. >> there is plenty of horror stories all told, none of them true. >> to someone who says this horror story is true, because if the insured ain't buying it, we will all be paying for it. hi, everyone, i'm brenda butner. this is "bulls and bears."
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. gary b. commit, melissa frances, jonas max ferris and gary glazer, tracy burns and john layfield will be back again next week. larry lazer, four weeks to deadline day, this monster law is was supped to help. so what. is that a worry? >> brenda, y only get one chance to make a first impression. the first impression is obamacare has been a disaster. it started with a botched enrollment process. it is horror stories, ling your doctor. the american people aren't buying it. their interest in support of this policy is waning, they're regreting the policy, so should we. >> it's not just the number of people who are enrolling or not enrolling. it's the type of person, the young and healthy ones. we don't know they are buying. >> absolutely. thnumber they should be focusi on is 20%. the people who signed up, who are 18 to 24. >> that number, those are
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34-year-olds there aren't a lot of very young people that have signed up. they're the ones that are supposed to pay for everyone else. there is no mechasm to collect the fee for that. the tax. they have to file a tax return in order for the irs to get their money. a lot of 18-year-olds aren't getting jobs, the system is in trouble because of this. >> if the uninsured don't want this, if they don't boy into it, who will pay for it? sit us? >> exactly. we will end up footing the bill. the problem. the catastrophe w it is a bill that is an abiz malfailure. i'm trying to look at the bright spots of this. where is the good stuff? but again and again i encounter, quite honestly lies. look, a couple i assembled, annual premium savings of $2,500 per family. >> that is not going to happen.
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government accountability office says it will increase the deficit $6.2 tllion. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. let's not go there. insure the uninsured. no. the ceo says the 75 million will still be uninsured. finally, brenda. we talked about approval. forget all that. the american public doesn't want it. 92% want to change this or appeal it. we have a law that has absolutely no benefits the public doesn't want. we are living with it. i can't undersnd it. >> well, david, maybe you can help us understand it. why do you ink 50% of the uninsured want no part of this? >> well, it's a toll that's based on ns they may hear or stories they may hear. to the extent some of those stories are misleading. you have juliebunstra from michiganho did an ad for a congressman running for the senate saying her premiums were gog up. it turns out her premium on the
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affordable care act exchange to 357 from $1,100 from before or benny in spokane in the state of the union response lamenting how she is now paying a premium of $700,000. guess what, weome to find out she did not go on the exchange and only got policy shot to herbie the insurer she had before. so people need to go and need to go on the exchanges. that's why you have 3.5 million people who have been on the exchange who are seeking access to affordable care. the more you hea those stories, the more you will see the change in the polls. >> you named a few. for some of them, if the premiums didn't go up, their deductibles did go up. all of us know someone this is affecting. jonas, what do you think?
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>> there is definitely horro ories. there are good stories for people who couldn't afford it. let's go to theissue, why should people like it? i don't like my car insurance. i haven't had an accident in decades, i'm paying premiums every year. this is surance. if we liked it, then the government is footing the bill. that's why everyone likes met care more than this. this thing, w have to pay, young people are paying for sick d older people. it's not heavily suns doized by taxpaye taxpayers. my state said, oh, now you have to cover people with drunk droifrg accidents. my premiums will go up. i didn't like that. that essentially is laid down on people. there will be beneficiaries and losers. >> brenda, jump in. >> yeah. first of all, there is a big differencech before jonas had car insurance, he didn't have car insurance. before i was forced to have obamacare, i had surance. in fact, 80% of the population in the u.s. liked their insurance beorehand. okay.
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we were promised a bill of goods. we're going to protect the uninsured. it will lower your premiums. none of this stuff happened. we moved off a plan 80% of the people liked. their private insurance or hmo, whatever. we got this pile of junk. no one wants it, yet, it's being forced down our throats. that's what i don't understand. >> there is a big concern. it's called the bill of rights. not a bill of goods. >> you can see where the demand not only reflected in the exchanges with 3.5 million people enrolling. you now see republican governors from ohio, from you that you, from arizona, from new jersey, now putting forth the exchanges an the affordle care act. why? because of the demand and their constituents wanting access to health care. so you will see even higher numbers, because right now if you lose governors are keeping 5 million people in the exchanges. >> these are people who had insurance before who are now
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getting cheap insurance but paying for their health care. i mean, these are all the sick people who had pre-existing conditions, of course, they're rilled. they are getting services that are subdies that they sentially don't have to pay for. i would love that, too, as someone who had insurance before paying for everyone else i'm not thried. >> if the quality of care that's at risk here. that's something that hasn't been talked about, but there are doctors looking at going into private medicine, concierge doctors. you will lose high quality providers in the city of boston. >> that will degrade the entire system. we are worse off because of this than we were before. >> that's untrue. way untrue. >> it's even more of a two-tied system than ever before. >> a private concierge service. >> okay. the other issue, though, is that even though, gary b., people may be enrolling, we don't foe if they're paying for their premiums. that's another issue here. >> exactly. it's kind of when i go to amazon and i put stuff in my cart, i
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decide later on i don't pay for it. it remains in the cart. obamace are talking about people that put the stuff in the cart even if they haven't paid for it. it's well known the back end collecting the payments, that system is still not fixed. so we're going to have problems. even if all these people sign up and they are moving from one plan to another, so there is no net benefit, not more people are being covered. and we don't know if it could be out of the question premiums. >> jonas, david keeps saying these are better plans, better plans. agree? >> of courseaggravated. people are uninsured. certainly it's better. people are getting more verage, in some ways better coverage. everybody is not getting better coverage. some are getting kicked down to premier coverage. as a whole pool of the population, more people will have access to health care. >> that costs money. there is a tank tax and other
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taxes. but the bulk is shared across young and healthy people. i don't want to pay for the bad drivers. >> that's better than them going to the emergency room with no insurance, which ao rayes raises our costs. >> it's covered by their insurance plan. it hasn't cut down on emergency room visits at all. this is a total fallacy. >> it's just started in the last three months. >> but the deadlines keep moving. thanks, guys, coming up, junk our massive tax code, republicans say that will jump start a new economic boom. start a new economic boom. they there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. shmakes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be.
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camps are gather once again. keep it right here on fox. just as you are preparing to file them, some republican lawmakers looking to simplify them, pushing to reform ou convoluted tax code from seven brackets to just two with a surtax on the rimp. they say it will unleash a new economic boom and, mellissa, you agree, huh? >> absolutely. the joint committee on taxation said it will add $3.4 million to the economy, it will create 2 million jobs over two years. it would add $1,300 to their pocket. it makes sense, walk isn't going to do it. they love to spend my money, this would be less of my money to spend. it will never happen. it would be a dream. >> jonas, everybody talks about
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reforming the tax code. you think actually in the short-term it could have some bad effects on jobs? >> definitely. look. we have a terrible tax code it requires hiring account tants, some would you tell without a job. >> oh no. >> it's ala party time for everybody. you can't transition t simp tax code overnigh they are not talking about the deductions removed to get us down to these lower brackets. are you talking a housing deduction, house pricing will fall with an after tax value of your mortgage payment. well, i think, you know, i thought insulation because of a tax break. all of this consumerism happens because it granted shouldn't be there. to make them go poof overnight. >> jon, to have more money in your pocket? how much consumerism would that cause? if you didn't go out and spend all the money on your
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accounttant, you would have more money to spend at home depot. >> i'm glad you brought that up. someone who makes $10 million a year, i'm not quite there, they see the bracket go from 25% to 36. somebody making $100,000, a lot of families, who loses deductions might not see a tax cut. it's revenue neutral -- i don't think it's good for the economy in the short run. >> guys, let's get to david, what do you think? is it time to simplify our tax code? >> it is time to simplify our tax code, but i don't think this new gop reform bill ontax reform gets us anywhere near that. in fact, it does little to get rid of incentives to ship jobs overseas rather than creating jobs here in the united states. you still have the tax haven rate of 1.25% rate, which encourages money to still be laid off overseas and not here. so this may be a tax boone or
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this may be an economic boone for corporations, 26 thatidn't in the last 25 years create taxes. but for the american family and small business, i don't see main reetoing for it and you also don't see wall street going for it, which is enikkei to have both at e same time being resistant to it. >>'m not so sure about that. >> our countersystem is so complex. it would over 70,000 pages if you printed it out. that's over 200-fold since the late 1930s. the last time we had tax reform was in the reagan administration. wage growth for the middle class. we saw job creation, economic growth. nothing we have seen in the current period compares to that. so perhaps we should change the failed policies and re-visit
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past policies that were successful and try something that worked once and for all. >>okay. gary b. >> there were a lot of economic calamities during the bush years. >> blame it on bush again. gary b. i know you like this idea. >> i do. i'd like it flatter to be honest with you. this is a step in the right direction. i was puzzled by david's comment, he said main street wouldn't like it. i think main street would love it. i think anyone filling out their own taxes would be, they would brief us with a lot of eagerness to be able to say, okay, here's what i made. 10% i send it in. the back of the postcard. what about all the small businesses and entrepreneurs out there. they would love it. rath than wadeing through the paper to figure this stuff ou as people have alluded to, thner going to happen. the reason is politicians need elected. one of the things they get elected is by.from these political action groups, like
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thraeltors and the people pushing for the home mortgage and the accountants and tax lawyers and people like that. so it's become a give and take kind of thing, a deal making document. it's ludicrous. i'd like to move there for jonas' point. i pray it happens in my lifetime. >> thanks, guy, the last word. coming up, the president wants to tinker with taxes, too, for stimulus part two, $300 billion new spending on rails and roads, neil and the gang on whether taxpayers will get railroaded. that's at the bottom oof the our. parents lashing out over the money the school superintendent is taking in, that's not the worst of it. >> it's only going to get worse. we all have you guys to blame for it. for it. >> stand up right no these don't look clean.
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. >> i pro bows that there be a special recall election of this whole dam board. >> you fight it, stand up right now. you'll walk the streets and prevent another doctor 100 million from being spent. >> this is ridiculous! this is nuts. this is crazy. my wife, i give my wife everything. i do anything i can for my wife. i'm sleeping with her. who are you sleeping with? >> whew. taxpayers in a tanzy overhe money that this superintendent in california is taking in. nearly $700,000 in compensation.
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he also got a cushy loan for his house and gary b., you say there is a lot more of this going on than we know about? >> brenda, wherever there is politics, this is going on, especially when it comes to school boards and school elections, which is essentially a monopoly. look. the facts are these, people talk about voting the school board out. >> that will be great. in the last election, 7% of the voting populatio showed up. instead this school board is backed by a political action cotruction company that places their candidates on the board so they can throw business businesses to that construction company t. real root of the problem is these parents have no choice for their kids there. this is a monopoly. if there was free choice, a voucher system in our public education, a monopoly run by these cronies, you wouldn't have those town hall meetings with that kind oftone. >> should we be blaming the superintendent?
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>> i know. it's so easy to point the finger at him. he got this loan for almost a million dollars at 2%. who can get that. really, we should be angry at the board that gave this to him. he took what's offered to him. it's the board that gave him this money and the folks that voted alof them in. there is a lot of responsibility to go around >> okay. larry. >> yeah, this is a textbook example of government gone wild. in this case, you literally lead the fox into the henhouse, they stole the eggs from all the children in the school system t. problem is, americans are not prepared for retirement. you have a handful of people getting these cush packages, at the same time you have municipalities, like san bernardino, detroit, filing for bankruptcy. we can't afford it. there is no accountability for this process. >> david, what do you think? can we afford it? >> the parents have a choice for that matter. they have a choice of who is their superintendent and how much that superintendent gets paid. if they're looking at a return
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on investment and whether or not their children are having, gaining higher performance scores or test scores, then it may be justified in their mind, but if it's not happening and they're not performing, then they need to get a new superintendent and to reduce the amount they're paying that superintendent on performance. but they have a choice. >> jonas, he makes more than the president of the united states. >> who is underpaid in my opinion. look, we don't really know what this what have you thought that this guy saved $10 million out of the budget. he was going to get a cut? if a ceo oversaw that budget. i don't know if he took a vow of poverty, if these large corporations a these schools and city areas. i'm not saying he was good. i'm saying we should give him the benefit of the doubt. >> he is managing three schools. come on. >> we can go on forever. we got to go, sorry. thank you, david, for joining us. >> okay. thank you.
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>> predictions, gary b. >> renda, retail is roaring. i like express, expr i think it's up 50% on the year. >> larry, your prediction. >> winter storms put a chill on our tails, but a spring thaw is around the corner. >> jonas, your prediction.
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>> they exchange collaps the old u.s. dollar the original owned currency. >> mellissa. >> i got a video for mine. you watch the president running around. i fully expect him to duck behind a pillar for smoke. even this won't stop kids from dropping out of the school lunch program. >> neil is xt. [ music playing ] >> oh my g, a run away spding train. thank you, taxpayers for another ride, get out! hi, i'm neil cavuto. >> that didn't take long, did it? fresh off the debt ceiling, president obama railroading more spding. they say he's in overdrive $300 million worth on roads and railways, he


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